Good day parents

We want to welcome our learners back from lock down and hope to see the rest of our Foundation Phase learners soon. We had a successful Funky, Fancy, Funny dress up day. Thank you for allowing your child to take part and to bring some fun into the school day.

Please take note of the following:

Online classes

Online classes will be available to our learners until the 31st of August. There after all learners should return to school.

I want to thank all the Benjamin Educators for their dedication and hard work during the last few weeks, doing online classes as well as teaching face-to-face every day. As a young school I think we did extremely well to offer online classes to our learners, taking in consideration that these learners’ ages range between 6 and 9 years old. To our parents who ensured that their children went online during difficult times, we also want to say: Thank You! We were all thrown in the deep end, but we swam. Some days we needed arm bands, but other days we learned new strokes and achieved medals for winning the race.

We now need to continue the race at school. We must continue the rest of 2020 with face-to-face teaching, which will allow the Educators to fill in the gaps, put routines in place again and assist our learners to socially interact with their peers, without fear, but still following the correct protocol.

Assessment week - 1 - 4 September

Please ensure your child is at school for the assessments which forms part of their Mid-Year Report.

Spring Day dress-up

Allow your child to dress-up for Spring day, 1 September. Let them use their imaginations to come dressed as ‘Spring’. Cost is R30, 00 per child, as this is one of our Fundraisers for the year. We value your support.

End of Term

School will close for a short 2-week holiday - 11 - 28 September. School will close at 11:00. Civvies can be worn on the day. Please phone the school to make an appointment to meet with the Educator to receive your child’s report. Appointments are available from 6:45. We have 15-minute time slots, to be able to accommodate all parents on the day. It is important to keep to the time for your appointment, to not forfeit it.


Our learners have been at home for about 3 months - the longest ‘holiday’ in the history of schooling. During this time, we were overwhelmed with information regarding COVID-19, we started living in fear, we started not trusting other human beings around or near us, we wanted to live in a bubble where it is ‘safe’ from the outside world. When we returned to work and our learners returned to school, stepping outside of this bubble was overwhelming, scary and at times unreal. We just wanted to go back home and wished the day away to be able to do that.

We have learners at school that are struggling to adjust, to work independently, to think and to socialise. Apart from the socialising, we have also noticed, that our learners cannot solve problems anymore, that they struggle with critical thinking and that we have to beg them to work.

Allow your child to solve problems, don’t step in and do it for them. Allow your child to think, don’t think for them. Give them tasks to complete, don’t do it for them. We do not want to have a generation of young adults, not being able to manage in a society, because they are waiting for someone to solve their problems and do their thinking for them. We want them to grow up being strong and independent, changing the world for the better.

We need your assistance. If it happens at home, it won’t be strange if it is expected from them at school. Be on time. Be diligent. Be patient. Work hard for good results. Don’t expect, rather be inspired. I can, I shall, I want to achieve the best I can be.


There are a lot of questions and concerns about the school year and what is or will be put in place for our learners at Benjamin Prep. As our learners are still returning to school, it is difficult to make a final assessment. As soon as they are all back, we will know exactly how to proceed in the coming months as well as into 2021.
We have stopped our isiZulu lessons for the moment and have scaled down on Life Skills as well as Afrikaans lessons, to concentrate on English and Maths. These subjects will commence this year, as soon as we feel our learners have mastered their Maths and English or alternatively ensure that this will be caught up in 2021.
We are working towards completing all Maths and English concepts up to end of Term 3, for Grade 1 learners, and up to the middle of Term 4, for Grade 2 to 3 learners by the end of 2020. The concepts will be recovered, starting in 2021 through to 2023. We therefore might have to look at a 3-year recovery programme, worst case scenario.

A more accurate and detailed plan will be communicated to you, towards the middle of Term 4. All the Educators at Benjamin Prep are working hard towards completing the Curriculum by December 2020. I want to ask each and every parent to ensure your child attends school every day.

Motivate your child to work hard, do well and succeed. We are very proud of all our learners at Benjamin Prep. Keep safe.

Mrs Hilton