Dear parents

Welcome to the second last month of the year. This year has gone past so quickly with our Grade Ones already reading, writing sentences and doing a lot of Maths. We are so proud of them. As we are preparing for the schools to close in December we still have some exciting things happening for the learners and parents.

School Uniform:

Please ensure your child’s uniform is marked with their names as they do change for swimming and PE. It helps a lot when something goes missing and we need to find it. All school uniform can be purchased at school.

Well done:

Well done and thank you to Naledi Masina and Jayden Tillicks who proudly represented Benjamin Preparatory at Little Porcupine and Friends’ concert on Saturday, 27 October, at Brackenhurst Primary. They did a good job and held our name high!


The outing to the Art Farm on Friday, 2 November will be the last outing for the Grade Ones for this year. The learners will receive lunch and cold drink at the Art Farm. Please make sure they have a healthy breakfast as they will have a busy day.

Picnic in the ‘park’:

Our picnic in the ‘park’ is also around the corner. The evening is compulsory for all the Grade One learners and their parents, as we will hand out certificates on the night. The date is Tuesday, 11 December, 18:00. Attached is a menu that you can order from for your picnic, or you can bring your own refreshments for the evening (No alcohol permitted). It is going to be an evening full of fun and excitement.


Term 4 Reports will be handed to the learners on Wednesday, 12 December, as it is the last of day of school and there will be no parents evening.

Stationery fees 2019:

Please see below the stationery fees for 2019. All stationery fees should be paid by 14 December 2018.

Grade 1 – R1 260, 00
Grade 2 – R1 160, 00

Extra Murals:

Should your child be taking part in any activities or sports outside of Benjamin Preparatory and do go through to district or regional level, please inform us so that we can congratulate your child in our Newsletters. Send all the details of exactly what was achieved, for us to add it to the Newsletter.


To place an ad in our Newsletter, kindly send details via email for a quote:

Build your own picnic basket 


  • Toasted chicken mayo R25
  • Toasted Sweet chilli chicken R25
  • Chicken mayo lettuce bun R30
  • Chicken strips, cheese & lettuce roll R30
  • Boerewors roll R30

Healthy snacks

  • Yoghurt tubs R5
  • Dried fruit pack small R8
  • Fruit cup R30
  • Veggie pack and hummus R45


  • Coke R12
  • Coke Zero R12
  • Cream soda R12
  • Passion fruit and lemonade R13
  • Energade R15
  • Still water R10
  • Flavoured water R10

Sweet treats 

  • Brownie square R10
  • Chocolate covered biscuit R5
  • Fudge square R8
  • Cupcake R12

Ice cream on a stick 

  • Granadilla R8
  • Eskimo pie R10